Mount Lassen California 1999
Summit of Mt Lassen Summit of Mt Lassen, CA
Fall 1999.  This the the view from the summit of Mt Lassen.
Looking north, you can see Mt Shasta on the horizon.
Do you think I need a tripod?
On the summit in August Summit snowball fight anyone?  A nice deep snowfield is a fun if you have any energy left.
We threw quite a few snowballs!
Ready to go down Climbers on Lassen.  All rested, fed, and ready to hit the trail again.
Looking down from Summit View of Lake Helen on the descent of Lassen.  Nice views from the top.
Can you see any other hikers on the trail?
Upper Slope of Lassen Just below the Lassen summit.  The slope is dramatic in this shot.
The summit radio repeater is visible here and from the bottom.
The real summit of Lassen This is the real summit of Mt Lassen.  The brave climbers attain the real summit.
We scrambled and crawled up here.
Not a real comfortable spot.
View of Lassen the day after the summit climb Ready for the next adventure.  That's the volcano we climbed the day before.
Got the shirts and the pictures to prove it!