Family Photos 3 of 5, December 1999

001_37.jpgFaye and Louis

002_36.jpgCharise and Taylor

003_35.jpgTaylor gets a bag

004_34.jpgTaylor admires her card

005_33.jpgGotta get some MJ

007_31.jpgPokemon cards where all the rage

008_30.jpgSmiles because they know what those are, more cards!

010_28.jpgCharise in the Gameboy zone

011_27.jpgCharise wears a nice hat


015_23.jpgLily and Edison

018_20.jpgTaylor and Lisa pose for the camera

019_19.jpgA little more MJ, Family style

020_18.jpgLily shows off a print of a digital picture

021_17.jpgLisa, Stuart and Jarrod relax

023_15.jpgNice helmet

024_14.jpgJarrod models a BMX helmet

025_13.jpgAnd some other gear


028_10.jpgVideo game concentration

029_9.jpgStuart expresses his approval

030_8.jpgNice Pokemon t-shirt

031_7.jpgKen;s into the game

032_6.jpgTaylor gets a turn


035_3.jpgTaylor and Stuart

036_2.jpgNintendo 64 and rabbit ears