Family Photos 3 of 5, December 1999

001_24a.jpgKaty and Gary

002_23a.jpgLily with her circular saw

003_22a.jpgKay with a massager

004_21a.jpgCharise shows off her Target gift certificate

005_20a.jpgMarcus opens up a food processor

006_19a.jpgTony gets a gift certificate

007_18a.jpgAlan gets a Tower gift certificate

008_17a.jpgKen shows off his black jeans, I think he likes them

009_16a.jpgKay and Katy proudly show off the dresses they received

010_15a.jpgFaye gets a sweatshirt

011_14a.jpgFaye shows off a new sweater

012_13a.jpgPhilip gets a wallet

013_12a.jpgGary gets a wallet too?

014_11a.jpgSue gets a sweater

015_10a.jpgSandra shows off a massager

016_9a.jpgClay looks happy to get a multitool

017_8a.jpgHere's the whole gang

018_7a.jpgGotta get a couple of shots just in case

019_6a.jpgAnd again...nice photos

020_5a.jpgTaylor likes her new vest

021_4a.jpgJarrod gets a Pokemon t-shirt

022_3a.jpgAnd we get to see the back

023_2a.jpgStuart likes his Nerf shooter

024_1a.jpgSue, Alan, Faye and Louis

025_0a.jpgStuart plays with his moving mobile