Vernal Falls Yosemite National Park 1997
Taylor, Stuart, Jarrod and me pose for a photo in front of Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park.  It is a nice hike up to this point.  It is very popular and many people hike up here, if you want solitude go somewhere else.  Its nice here in July.
We all enjoy a little treat when we are done.  The Happy Isles snack bar has got a great location.
Vernal Falls
In September we come back to Vernal Falls this time with Rhonda.  The flow from the falls will naturally taper off in the fall.  You can see the flow is reduced from this viewpoint on the Mist trail.
This is a view looking up at the last section of the Mist trail.  It is narrow and turns north.  The Mist trail is not that misty in the fall.
Lisa and I pose at the top of Vernal Falls.