Grand Canyon National Park 1997
Amelia and Lou organize this hike from the south rim into the canyon and back out.  It is February and the night before our hike is to start it is snowing and cold.
The morning dawns cold and clear, what a relief.
These are all Rhonda's photos.  She really does a good job.  It is on this trip that I realize how much improvement my photographic skills need improving.
Lisa and I shouldering those huge packs pose for the camera.
The temperature is perfect and the scenery is fantastic.
The Colorado River runs wide and muddy.  This is the bridge at the end of our first day.  On the other side is Phantom Ranch and our camp site.
Day two and we re-cross the river and start up towards Indian Gardens.  I am surprised by the streams, green plants and birds in the middle of this desert.  It is very nice.
It's up, up and more up.  We take a day to get from Phantom Ranch to Indian Gardens where camp site number two is.  We encounter deer and an oasis of sorts at Indian Gardens.
Day three, last day and we will hike the rest of the way out today.  After the spending the night camped at Indian Gardens I am energized and hike up ahead of the others.  I stop and leave Lisa a message shown here.
End of day three and we are back at the top of the canyon on the south rim.  It is cold again.  The end of a great trip.