Clouds Rest Yosemite National Park 1997
Looking east you can see forever.  It is a nice clear October day in Yosemite.  It was cold and dark at the trail head this morning.  Hiking warmed us up nicely though.  We passed some nice scenery on the way up here.
Rick did some rock climbing to get to this spot shown in the photo.  The spooky part is the vast expanse of smooth granite that falls away for thousands of feet into Tenaya Canyon.  You look right down into the canyon on the north side of the ridge leading up to Clouds Rest when you approach from the east.  To the south side its falls away pretty steeply too.
Again this view is looking east.  From here we hiked down to the valley via the Mist Trail.  Then drove the second car back up to retrieve the first car at the Tenaya Lake trailhead, then home.