Various Family Photos from 1993

Family snapshots from throughout 1993.

Stuart get a hug from grandma after dinner.

Taylor, Stuart and Jarrod are all snugly and warm.

Taylor and Stuart pose together for a photo.

A large group photo.  From left to right and back to front:  Amelia, Wilson, Ken and Philip in the back row.  Anna, her mother, Kay, James, Clay and Sandra are just in front of the back row.  Lisa holds Stuart and Kay is holding Taylor.  Katy is in the middle with Martina, Sue and Gary to her right.  In front are Jarrod, Charise, Alan, Susan and Lilly.

Stuart and Taylor's grandmother is surrounded by daughters and grand kids.  Gayle, Annie are in back and Connie is on the right.

Grandmother and grand kids, Aaron and Cliff.

Lisa and Tony pose with Stuart and Taylor.

Taylor and the Jetson's at Great America.

Taylor with the Flintstone's dog Dino.

Taylor, Kay and Stuart at Easter.

Taylor wears a straw hat.

Stuart with antennae.

Caught on film doing something.

Stuart and Tony pause on a hike through the redwoods at Big Trees State Park.

Taylor at Christmas.

Stuart wears some Christmas spirit.